Emily Brown

Emily Brown Editor-in-Chief for the Liberty Champion newspaper Liberty University November 11, 2014                STUDENT TRAGICALLY KILLED Jon Gregoire, a 21-year-old Liberty University senior, died Saturday, Nov. 8 around 4 p.m. after being struck by an oncoming train on a trestle behind Riverside Park in Lynchburg. Friends remember the senior’s … [Read more…]

Leah Wilschett

November 12, 2014 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gregoire, I came to Liberty 3 months ago hoping I would meet people of incredible character…People who invested time and love into others. My prayer was answered when I met Jon through my best friend, Hannah. Your son made Liberty my new home. He loved people simply because … [Read more…]

Jaret Peerson

Jaret Peerson November 12, 2014 Gregoire and I first met my Freshman year. I instantly knew he was filled with the Spirit. He resonated with the Spirit of joy for the Lord for as long as I knew him. Gregoire was my prayer leader on East and was absolutely genuine every time. He was always … [Read more…]

Allegra Patkos

  November 12, 2014   Dear Gregoire family, Jon, to me, was an inspiration. He did such great things in 21 short years that most of us could hardly do in a lifetime. He was that friend I could always count on to give me a smile and ask how I’m doing, even if he … [Read more…]

Tyler P.

November 12, 2014   I first met Jon in a coffee shop. It was finals week and everyone was incredibly stressed out, him included. Not even knowing me at all, he took his time to sit down with me and talk for 2 hours to get to know me. I’ve never known a more incredible … [Read more…]

Rachel Schluckebier

November 12, 2014 Dear Gregoire family, I graduated from Minnechaug with Jonny and I am beyond blessed to say he was instrumental in my salvation and walk with Christ. During our Sophomore year I was very sick and Jonny reached out to me and invited me to REFUEL, a summer outreach Bible study group he … [Read more…]

Leah Wilschett

Leah Wilschett November 12, 2014 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gregoire, I came to Liberty 3 months ago hoping I would meet people of incredible character…People who invested time and love into others. My prayer was answered when I met Jon through my best friend, Hannah. Your son made Liberty my new home. He loved people … [Read more…]

Addison Rahn

November 12, 2014 Jon’s Family, I worked with Jon during his time at Snowflex. I can honestly say I’ve never met a more amazing person. I remember we would have a lot of deep talks while trying to stay warm, and not once did he have anything negative to say. In fact, had it not … [Read more…]

Kyle Smith

  November 12, 2014 Jon’s Family— Your son has been a great friend to me the last 3 years. I moved to LU with no friends and was introduced to the whole Massachusetts group. Jon was one of the most welcoming and friendliest of them all! He and I would have late night conversations about … [Read more…]

Katie Hoffmeyer Owens

Katie Hoffmeyer Owens November 12, 2014 Dear Family, Jon was one of the most supportive, loving, smiley guys around. He always joked that he was the first one to know that my now husband and I would get married someday. Jon met my husband on our first date and he said he just knew. 🙂 … [Read more…]

Jessica Anderson

November 12, 2014 Dear Gregoire Family, When I heard the news of Jon’s accident, I felt a loss. I never met Jon but I probably saw him around since he was in the music buildings often. My twin sister met him on the 7th for some school project. I wish I met Jon. He had … [Read more…]


May 8, 2015 Dear Donna, I have had it in my heart to express my appreciation as well as my love and support for a while now. Heartfelt thoughts can be difficult to organize into language sometimes. I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart! By sharing Jon’s and your reverence for … [Read more…]

Tristan Landon

November 12, 2014 Dear Donna, My name is Tristan and I just wanted to tell you how much Jon has impacted my life. He has helped me so much these past two months making me feel loved and wanted, even in my darkest times. I feel so honored and blessed to have known Jon and … [Read more…]


  November 12, 2014 First off, I want to say that your son is the most genuine-hearted man I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. I’m a nursing major, so my workload is pretty heavy. But I could always count on Jon to encourage me to keep going. He always said I was going to … [Read more…]

Tanner Petty

November 14, 2014 Dear Donna and Mark, My name is Tanner and I was Jon’s RA this past year. Jon was incredible. I just want you to know that his hall loved him, and he played such a big part in so many lives. I am so thankful that I got to know him and … [Read more…]

Stephanie Albert

November 12, 2014 Hey Jonny’s family, You never met me, but I met your son. We had mutual friends, so I had the pleasure of laughing with him a few times. Even though I wasn’t his greatest friend, he was so warm and welcoming. I would see him in passing and we’d have an amazing … [Read more…]

LU Friends

November 12, 2014 I don’t even know where to begin….I only knew Jon for a year, but in that time he taught me so much. Every time I saw him he would do his big grin and nod his head, and I could count on that every time I saw him. One time at cookout … [Read more…]

Deana Dennis

November 12, 2014 Gregoire Family, WOW did your son make an impact on LU’s campus! I met Jon through my cousin, Michaela Sheranko. When driving to Massachusetts for the 1st time with him, I remember thinking, “WOW, what a genuine guy”. In the two years of knowing him, that impression never changed. Praise the Lord … [Read more…]

A Church friend

November 2014 Donna Gregoire, You are such an inspiration to all of us at Church. Your faith, love, and strength are absolutely contagious. You have set such an example for all of us to follow. We are so thankful for you and your family. Thank you for all you do for all of us at … [Read more…]

Taylor Thompson

November 12, 2014 Mr. & Mrs. Gregoire, I got to meet Jon because of Lynchstock. I am so happy that I did. Getting to know him when he came over to plan the festival was incredible. I thought he was years older than he was. He was mature and intelligent. I am 6 years older … [Read more…]

Anna Hurt

November 12, 2014 Hello, My name is Anna and I am a barista at The White Hart where Jon was a regular. Whenever he walked in the room, he brightened up the whole place with his wonderful smile and kind words. It always meant a lot to me that he would remember my name and … [Read more…]

Jordan Ginn

November 12, 2014 Gregoire family, Jon was one of my closest friends at LU. I’ve made thousands of friends, but he was always there for me and one of the very few that I could call close to me. His joy and hope was uplifting like no one else! He showed he truly loved others … [Read more…]

Sarah Hamilton

November 12, 2014 Dear Mr. & Mrs. Gregoire, Jonny was my first friend here at Liberty when we both came in as Freshmen. He quickly became one of my best friends. You are in my prayers. You raised the best, most Christ-focused man I ever met. We all loved him so much, and I will … [Read more…]

Autumn Hodge

November 12, 2014 To the parents and family: Words cannot even begin to express how terribly sorry I am for you loss, but your son Jon made such an impact on me. I figured I should try and put that into words. In the few hellos we shared in passing and the brief conversations we … [Read more…]


November 12, 2014 Jon did not like business school. He just couldn’t wait to be a missionary. The thing is–as I look around at all these people he touched here at Liberty–He WAS a missionary and a mighty man of God! I’m sorry for your loss. Love, Michael


November 12, 2014 My name is Ron and I had class with Jon in Theology this semester. I had the privilege to learn along side of him and hear his intelligence throughout discussions in class. I was also Jon’s barista at the coffee shop that he visited quite often called The White Hart. It was … [Read more…]

William Smalt

November 12, 2014 Dear Family of Jon, I may have only interacted with your son a small amount, but I just wanted to thank you. I want to thank you for raising such a God-loving son. It’s rare to have had the pleasure of being with such a Christ-like person. For someone to have the … [Read more…]

Spencer Helm

  November 12, 2014 To Jon’s Family, Thank you for the gift of your son. I did not know him well. He was in my Theo 350 class and always spoke with passion. I want to let you know he passed on to myself and so many countless others the greatest gift a man could … [Read more…]