Jaret Peerson

Jaret Peerson
November 12, 2014
Gregoire and I first met my Freshman year. I instantly knew he was filled with the Spirit. He resonated with the Spirit of joy for the Lord for as long as I knew him.
Gregoire was my prayer leader on East and was absolutely genuine every time. He was always prepared with pages of notes he didn’t have time to cover in the hour he had us every Tuesday night. He was always in our friend group and always so excited every time we invited him along on an adventure.
I never could understand how he kept such a joyful and passionate attitude. Every hike we did was filled with talk of the Lord from start to finish, and he never failed to encourage you as best he could.
We went on many hikes together but the one I will never forget is when me, Corey and Jon hiked Sharptop before the sunrise. I can still remember the morning we picked Jon up. There he was standing outside his dorm with a huge smile on his face. We got stopped by a policeman on the way because of a headlight, and after that all he said was how nice the policeman was to him.
Jon was a man of authentic character and it showed by his fruits. When we reached the top of Sharptop that early morning (which Jon insisted we hike and not drive), Jon made 100% sure he gave all the glory to his Heavenly Father. He talked about how Heaven must be and how the beauty we saw that morning could only be a glimpse of what Heaven will be like. He was so excited!
Jon made a huge impact in my life and I am proud to call him my brother in Christ. I know that I will see him again one day. Jon lived his life in full authenticity and was a stronghold to his brothers around him.
I miss him so much and I am blessed to have experienced his love and friendship.
—Jaret Peerson

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