Jon’s Letter to God

April 3, 2012
Dear God,
No words can describe your beauty and power. I love how you reside in me, how you put to death all our sin and shame to give me life. The love that requires is incredible, I can’t fathom all the details. I want you to be the centerpiece of my love, I want my life to be dependent on you, for my joy to be deep within and be from the satisfaction of knowing you and growing closer with you. I thank you that even when I fall short, your grace pours on me to give me a fresh start every morning, every day I receive your mercy and I praise your great name for that. No one else could do or ever compare to what you do, what you are; magnificence.
I’m so thankful the work you’re doing in my life God and the blessings you poured out on to me. You can do all things Father, you can restore my heart, transform any mind, forgive any sinner and work in any person that calls on your name. I pray that I continue and grow in you and have the opportunities to share my faith audaciously in ways I can’t even imagine. My life is for your glory, everything I do. Let my works edify my faith, let my speech touch souls to see you, let my actions be in a manner that is worthy of your calling. I LOVE YOU!
Your Servant,
Jonathan Gregoire