Ryan Benjamin

May 3, 2015
Jon. I hope Jesus is so awesome.
As I sit here and watch your video updated from your missions trip and read post of you just praising God for loving you, I can’t but help to be a little sad. I am sitting here looking into your eyes and I know that there is no one on the other side of the screen. It’s just nothing. I miss ya bro.
But Jon. Even with you being gone, all of those things that God was showing you are still making impacts. I love that I see you and see the heart of Jesus. It speaks to everything that I am learning in God’s Love. It is incredible that we serve a God that uses the death of you to praise his Name and to bring people to Himself because of you! God is so cool!
I love you bro. I know that you are walking in the stars with Jesus right now. I will see you soon
-Ryan Benjamin


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