The Liberty University hockey team recently partnered with Mustache for Missions Inc. to help raise money for students’ short term mission trips, disaster relief, and community support. This took place during their four “Movember” hockey games in the spirit of the popular college movement “No-Shave November.”
The games were November 4th and 5th against Stony Brook @ 7pm and
November 11th and 12th against Delaware.

We wanted to dedicate a page on the site to Jon Gregoire’s ministry, Mustache for Missions Inc., which he created to help raise money for college students to go on mission trips. We also want to let as many people as possible know that the ministry is growing and developing, and we’re looking for people to help be a part of this effort! The following letter is the mission statement Jon wrote at the inception of Mustache for Missions, and is his heartfelt passion behind this ministry. If you would like to be a part of the Mustache for Missions team or assist us in any way, please email: or



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     I should have been studying for Bio 102 test…but this might be better;)
     God just hit me so hard tonight with His goodness! Whoever thought that facial hair could be for God’s glory! Not only is God going to do amazing things through this, but it will be an amazing ministry!
     I always made jokes about beard growing being my spiritual gift! I never knew that my innocent joking would actually be genuine. Praise God for such a cool gateway to the lost through hipsters! For the love of all things not mainstream! I want to board this mustache mania and awaken hearts to life for the glory of God! Use the funny and punny facial hair sayings to make people laugh and to provoke questions!
     I am literally overwhelmed and jumping out of my seat! The thing I idolized—I thought about more than anything—was my beard. I would stroke it when I pondered, think about how big it was, and think how popular I am becoming because of my beard! I was gaining recognition for follicles of hair on my face and I made it into glory for myself. Praise God that all things work for His good and glory and that my arrogance and pride has been humbled, and I can walk in His truth, His love, His grace—nothing of my own!
I AM USING THIS FOR HIS GLORY! He must become GREATER; I must become less! That is my life’s purpose: to magnify Christ by sharing His love, His grace, and His truth through my life as a humble vessel (2 Corinthians 4:7)! We are His vessels, He is our eternal treasure! We are His workmanship, He is our strength!
     John Piper once said, “Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Missions exists because worship doesn’t. (Let the nations be glad! The supremacy of God in missions!)
How amazing is it that my mustache can be used for missions! Mustache Ministries…has a nice ring to it!
     I think it is cool that my beard, the thing I idolized the most, has now been stripped away and renovated for God’s glory. I realized that I am a people pleaser. I seek the approval of man. But Paul says, “Am I trying to please man or God? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ!” I chose MAN over the God of the universe because I sought insignificant approval! Praise be to God for revealing my selfishness!… I realized that the beard had to go. The idolatry of self was all over me literally, and I realized I needed to find my source of identity in Christ, rather than in man. Because of this I am changing it up!
     I am going to participate in Mustache March! I am going to repel and disgust so many females (my other obsession), and it will be glorious!!! For this month I want to stand out for Christ! I want to provoke the questions that will lead to the answers of the Gospel! I want hearts to surrender to God and His greatness through the simple, little, meaningfully-insignificant mustache. He gave it to me, why not give Him back some praise!
     With the stache I want to raise money for my missions trip to Colombia! I want people to be excited about missions and the Gospel for the sake of the Gospel! I don’t want to be a part of a social cause that only makes people more comfortable before hell! I want to be straight to the point! I want JESUS to be made famous (Isaiah 26:8)! I want Jesus to be heard!
      Mustache Ministries, Mustache for Missions, whatever it’s name and funny sayings will be…It will be a compass to Christ through the spiritual gift of facial hair growing! It will only love the loveless, share the truth to the lost, and help bring hearts to life in Christ! For us, “To live is CHRIST…!” (Philippians 1:21)
-Jonathan David Gregoire
  written in the second semester of his Sophomore year at Liberty University.
Mustache for Missions is under the Son.