A Mustache for Missions update from the mustachioed missionary from Massachusetts:
Jon shares how faithful God has been during the process of raising funds for his first overseas missionary trip. His excitement for preaching God’s Word and discipling new believers is evident as he talks about ministering to the people of Columbia and the Amazon.
Jon’s genuine love for Christ and passion to serve people is reflected in his joyful countenance.


This trailer for the fictitious mini-series, Addie’s Creek, was filmed in Nashville, TN.  Jon’s friends from back home and Lynchburg loved getting together to enjoy scenic trips and fun times together.


On November 26, 2016, Jonny would have attended his 5th year high school reunion. We instead were honored with the Eddie Fallon & Jonny Gregoire Flag Football Classic.
This fundraiser was organized by the MRHS Class of 2011 to honor their beloved friends, Jonny & Eddie, who both were captains of the MRHS football team their senior year.
Two hundred classmates and friends came together to play in the flag football games all day Saturday to raise funds for a scholarship to be given in memory of Jonny and Eddie.


Jon Gregoire, founder of Lynchstock Music Festival, and musician, Joel Kaiser, take time out of their busy schedules to make a commercial for the festival’s second year that was held in April of 2013.


Jon is playing one of his favorite songs, Beautiful, here as he leads worship for his life group at Snowflex on the campus of Liberty University. Jon worked outside at Snowflex for about a year and saw amazing sunsets over the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Jon Gregoire’s legacy lives on in the ministry he created called Mustache for Missions. Partnering with LU Send, this ministry allows students, faculty, and friends to fund Liberty students for short-term mission trips.
To support  Mustache for Missions Inc., please contact Mark Gregoire, Donna Gregoire, or D Glen Schultz through Facebook.


Jonny and his friends are enjoying a beautiful day of swimming and horsing around in August of 2013 at a youth group pool party.


As Jonny entered his teen years, he became a very talented guitarist. He played lead guitar as well as bass in several praise bands, Gong Shows, and Christmas nights of worship he’d organize. He would often accompany Riley Brennan when she beautifully sang “Oceans,” as she does in this video.


During the fall semester of 2014, Jon approached some of his Liberty friends to create a Christmas concert to raise funds for charity. After Jon went home to heaven in November, his creative ideas were used to complete what turned into a beautiful night of Christmas music and fun activities in his memory.


This video produced by Giordan Moore shows how loved Jonny was by his hometown friends and church family. It describes how Jon’s adult life was so intentionally lived for Christ and others, and how his legacy continues to shape the world today.


One summer day Jonny and his high school friends Josh Rowley, Sean Cooney, and Joe Wilkinson made this fun music video. Jonny’s mom was one of the singers for this song on the CD that her praise band recorded in 1999.


This is Jonny and his band members leading worship one night at Church.


This was a special memorial event that took place at Jonny’s home church on the one-year anniversary of his passing.


This documentary chronicles the story of Lynchstock Music Festival and its creator, Jon Gregoire.  Jonathan  Smalt describes how Jon’s dream has grown into a major musical event each April in the Lynchburg, VA area.


Jon and his parents met Ben Halsey and his parents the day they moved into their dorms as Freshmen at Liberty University. Jon and Ben soon became close friends, sharing their love of music and guitar playing. Ben’s parents loved Jon very much. They even gave him his own room when he often visited their home in Roanoke, VA. Ben wrote this song in memory of Jon and recently completed a professionally-recorded album dedicated to him. The cd is called Afterglow and has Jon’s picture on the cover.


Dad taking a video of Mom and Jonny instead of a picture.



WDBJ Channel 7 News Interview – The History and Growth of Lynchstock Music Festival – Featuring Donna Gregoire and Jon Smalt

This past April Jonathan Smalt and Jon’s mom, Donna Gregoire, were interviewed at Liberty University by WDBJ Channel 7 News, Lynchburg, VA. They spoke about Jon as well as the history and growth of Lynchstock Music Festival.


Haley Greene, a good friend of Jon’s, wrote this touching song in memory of him and her sister.


Jon was out celebrating a good friend’s birthday one night in VA. She stumped him with a silly title while playing this word game.


During his youth, Jonny made several outdoor action videos with his friends. In high school the boys made this video set to the song Life is Strange by The Gallery.


Jonny had a great sense of humor and joyfully participated each year in the annual church Gong Show. This night of fun and laughter helped raise funds for the teens to attend a week-long missions trip each summer. This spoof on a body-building commercial was just one of many skits and videos Jonny performed in over the years.


This would have been Jon’s graduation ceremony at Liberty University in May of 2015.
His parents, Mark and Donna, and his brother, Mike, were present at the commencement to posthumously receive his diploma.
Jon graduated to Heaven in November of 2014. But on earth he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration Marketing.